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Spa Services

Spa Services

Something Special for Your Special Someone Need a quick gift?

How about the gift of luxury? Our services are the perfect present for anyone in need of a little relaxation.

L.A. Spa, Nail Bar, & Massage helps you make a statement with our extraordinary nail products and services. Whether it's a quick polish change or a sweet retreat that you seek, our experienced staff will polish your look to perfection. The best part? Our top-notch technicians provide you with a manicure and pedicure that last! We are committed to provide you with the best professionals, services and nail artistry in town.

Five-Star Skin & Nail Care

Indulge in our high-end skin and spa treatments, including hand and foot massages, facials, and waxing services.
We use paraffin, herbal scrubs, and essential hot oils to ensure that you leave stress-free and with the softest skin imaginable.


L.A. Spa VIP Manicure: $40

This manicure begins with a hand exfoliating treatment to eliminate dead skin. Then a paraffin treatment is applied to help rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Your nails and cuticles are cared for, followed by a tension-relief massage from hand to elbow. Complete your experience with a polish of your choice. 

Organic Deep Manicure $40

Using Super Star dipping powder that is bright, lightweight, durable, and healthier for your nails. It is enhanced with vitamin E & Calcium. Just 2 dips are needed to get the perfect color that always looks new.

Gel Manicure:  $30

Your hands receive a spa manicure and then you are prepped for the application of gel polish. The gel polish is cured with the LED light and the nails are instantly dry.  The gel feels virtually weightless on your hands and they stay flawless and shiny for up to two weeks. Many popular shades available. 

Men's Sport Manicure:  $25

The manicure plus an additional massage with a luxurious blend of purifying sea salt & Oils that gently scrubs away dull dry skin. Hands are then placed in a hot towel followed by a moisturizing massage. Your selection of polish adds the finishing touch.

Basic Manicure: $18

This manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle grooming and hydration, and a relaxing lower arm and hand massage. Your selection of polish adds the finishing touch.


LA. Spa Microdermabrasion: $120

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that forces the regeneration of new skin while simultaneously stimulating production of healthy cells, collagen and elastin. Treatment for the entire face takes place with no discomfort. The procedure is described to feel like a light section running over your face. Very minimal side effects result from this procedure. 

Acne Treatment: $85

A highly therapeutic facial designed to manage impurities, blemishes, and breakouts. This treatment improves your outer peace and beauty without medicated approach to treating acne. 

Age Renewal Nerium: $85

This professional cosmetic treatment includes high performance formulas delivering a revitalizing effect. Upon completion of the treatment, the skin feels firmer, looks healthier and more radiant. 

Men's Sport Facial Treatment: $75

Skin care designed just for him. We address sensitivity due to shaving, pollution, fatigue and stress. After this treatment, his skin will feel clean, smooth, refreshed and renewed.

Nail Enhancements:

Full Set Solar Highlight: $60 (refill $50)
Full Set Ombre: $60 (refill $50)
Full Set Pink & White: $50 (refill $40)
Full Set Organic Deep: $50
Full Set Gel: $45 (refill $35)
Full Set Dip Powder: $50 (refill $40)
Full Set Pink: $40 (refill $27)
Full Set Acrylic: $35 (refill $25)


Prince/Princess Manicure: $12

This manicure includes nails shaping, cuticle hydration, and relaxing lower arms and hands massage. Your selection of polish adds the finishing touch. Designs  are available for an extra charge (please inquire). 

Prince/Princess Pedicure: $20

This pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle hydration, and a relaxing lower leg and foot massage. While our selection of polish adds finishing touch. Design available for an extra charge (please inquire).


LA Spa Hot Stone Massage

This massage experience includes hot stone therapy to help restore balance in your body & mind. The hot stones combined with the relaxing massage releases muscular tension, and simulates endorphins to help restore that deep sense of balance. 

90 minutes: $125
60 minutes: $90

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage helps to improve circulation, flexibility, and relieves muscle tension by using pressure. Your therapist will work deeply into the muscle tissue, leaving your body feeling restored.

90 minutes: $115
60 minutes: $85
30 minutes: $55

Reflexology – Relaxation Massage

A Traditional massage using light pressure to inspire relaxation and relieve tension.
Body Massage 60 minutes: $60 (best value)
Body Massage 30 minutes: $40
Body Massage 15 minutes: $25 

Chair Massage

20 minutes: $25
30 minutes: $40
60 minutes: $60 (best value)



L.A. Spa VIP Pedicure: $75

Revive your dried, cracked and tired feet with this ultimate experience. Allow us to pamper your overworked legs and feet while you relax, and unwind. This service includes everything that a Signature Spa pedicure entails plus an intensely hydrating paraffin treatment and extended, relaxing lower leg and foot massage that includes warm, smooth rocks that gently loosen tired and achy muscles. A hot towel wrap is the final touch of this luxurious experience. Your selection of polish adds a personalized touch. 

Signature Spa Pedicure: $60

The Spa Pedicure plus sugar scrub that gently exfoliates dry skin and reveal softer smoother skin. Then, enjoy a relaxing foot treatment while receiving a head, neck, shoulder and arm massage designed to dissolve stress and tension, and provide you with a deep sense of relaxation. Complete this experience with flawless polish. 

Organic Spa: $49.95

This pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle grooming and hydration with a relaxing lower leg, feet, neck, scalp and shoulder massage. Along with your choice of polish. 

Men's Sport Pedicure: $45

Your pedicure begins with an aromatic sea salt soak, continue with an incredible exfoliation, cuticle and nail care. Your feet are then wrapped in warm towel, followed by an unforgettablefoot, lower leg, neck, scalp and shoulder massage. 

Basic Pedicure: $30

This basic pedicure is the ideal experience for people who want to maintain healthy-looking feet. The package offers a light pedicure and a 10-minute massage for your legs. 

Happy Spa Pedicure: $45

This pedicure is designed for you with exfoliation, callus removal, toenails and cuticle care followed by a hydrating foot mask.  Next, enjoy a massage for your leg, feet, and neck along with your choice of polish.


§  Eyebrow: $10

§  Chin: $10

§  Lip: $8

§  Sideburns: $20 (and up)

§  Full Face: $25 (and up)

§  Chest or back: $35 (and up)

§  Full Legs: $40 (and up)

§  Upper legs: $25 (and up)

§  Lower legs: $25 (and up)

§  Half arms: $20 (and up)

§  Full arms: $25 (and up)

§  Under arms: $15 (and up)

§  Bikini: $35 (and up)

§  Brazilian: $60 (and up)